Wet food Little Darling Fruity Menu

Our wet food GimDog Little Darling Fruity Menu has been specially developed for the needs of small dogs. Delicious wet food with meat as pâté or ragout. Discover the variety of delicious fruity menu flavours and spoil your little darling with the best.

What makes our wet food so special?

  • Can be enjoyed hot or cold
  • The wet food is completely warmed up within 30 seconds
  • Up to 56 % meat content
  • Available in 4 delicious varieties of pâté
  • Available in 5 delicious varieties of ragout
  • Without artificial colourings
  • Without artificial flavours
  • Without genetically modified ingredients

Wet food Little Darling Fruity Menu as Pâté

Pâté with lamb and wild berries
The taste of forest berries combined with tender lamb. A fusion of originality and indulgence in a luxury pâté. For moments when you want to really spoil your little darling.

Pâté with beef and papaya
Little pieces of tropical papaya fruit in a fine beef pâté. An exotic Central American combination of flavours. Your little darling will love you even more for this special treat.

Pâté with tuna, pineapple and fig
The fruity hint of the finest pineapple and fig pieces in a delicious tuna fish pâté. As stimulating as a walk on the beach in the sea breeze. The magic of this menu will bind you together forever.

Pâté with turkey and apricot
A pâté made from fine turkey and ripe apricot pieces. The taste combination of a regal feast. So that your little darling knows that they are something really special to you.

Wet food Little Darling Fruity Menu as Ragout

What makes our wet food so special?

Ragout with beef, wild berries and vegetables
Little pieces of beef in a delicious sauce made out of soft vegetables and fruits of the forest. The strong wild taste combination of an autumn walk. More than just a snack for now and again.

Ragout with lamb, apricots and vegetables
Tasty apricot pieces with fine lamb and a selection of vegetables. This little menu combines the best ingredients of a summer in the Mediterranean. Your little gourmet will love you for it!

Ragout with salmon, papaya and vegetables
Tender salmon with fruity papaya pieces and a sauce made from soft vegetables. The best of the Atlantic and tropical rainforests are combined in this carefully balanced ragout. Only the best for your little darling.

Ragout with tuna, pineapple and vegetables
There is a hint of the Caribbean in this delicious ragout made from tuna fish, fruity pineapple pieces and vegetables. Just right to indulge your little four-legged friend's fine palate and win their heart forever.

GimDog Little Darling Fruity Menu Ragout with turkey, apple and vegetables
A tender ragout with turkey, the finest apple pieces and vegetables from the field. It tastes of love and their owner's fine art of spoiling them. For love that lasts a lifetime.