GimDog Sport Snacks salmon 60 g

GimDog Sport Snacks with pollock are prepared according to a grain-free formula, contain tasty fish and performance enhancing L-Carnitine. When fed in conjunction with exercise, this special ingredient reduces fat build-up in tissues and boosts the metabolism. Ideal for training and agility.

Grain free formula,mit L-Carnitin,without added sugar

Articel number: 500188
Product Content: 60 g

derivatives of vegetable origin, meat and animal derivatives, fish and fish derivatives (pollock fish meal 4%)

small dog - 2 -4 pieces medium Dog 10 pieces large dog - 13-15 pieces

Protein28.0 %
Fat content5.0 %
Crude ash4.0 %
Crude fiber5.0 %
Moisture26.0 %

L-carnitine - 1000 mg