GimDog Fruity Menu Pate with lamb & wild berries 100 g

Fruity Menu Pâté with lamb and wild berries – The taste of forest berries combined with tender lamb. A fusion of originality and indulgence in a luxury pâté. For moments when you want to really spoil your little darling. The Fruity Menus from GimDog Little Darling combine everything that owners want for dogs up to 10 kilograms: select ingredients, wonderfully delicious and versatile use to serve your little darling a very special menu in no time at all. The new little Fruity Menus are ready to eat either at room temperature, or they can be lovingly warmed up really quickly by simply removing the packaging’s lid and placing the menu tray in the microwave for 30 seconds. Whether as a pâté or ragout in sauce – the special mixture of meat, poultry and fish with the finest fruit and vegetables will make your little four-legged friend’s mouth water. All the Little Darling Fruity Menus are produced as carefully as possible to preserve the nutrients. The snacks do not contain any artificial colouring or flavouring and absolutely no genetically modified ingredients at all.

Articel number: 512297
Product Content: 100 g

Dogs 1-5 kg – 0,5-1 bowl Dogs 6-10 kg – 1-3 bowls

meat and animal derivatives (54%, chicken 50%, lamb 4%), fruit (raspberries 2%, blueberries 2%, from dried fruit), vegetables, cereals (rice 2%).

Protein9.0 %
Fat content6.0 %
Crude ash2.5 %
Crude fiber0.5 %
Moisture80.0 %

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