NEW: GimDog Little Darling Pure Delight

GimDog Little Darling Pure Delight – the perfect meal for your little darling and sensitive dogs with special requirements.


Small dogs have higher energy needs - they consume proportionally much more energy than medium-sized and large dogs." Dr. Birgit Leopold-Temmler, veterinary specialist for small pets, explains which role this plays for the well-being of small dogs and what should be taken into consideration.

Sustainability and quality

We know how important the high standards are for the healthy nutrition of dogs. Therefore, we have a strict quality management system. In addition, we are aware of the responsibility we have for our environment, just like everyone else, and implement energy-saving measures consistently.

Discover how GimDog contributes to the well-being of your dog

Our tasty snacks are not only loved by dogs, but the functional ingredients are also specially adapted to their needs. They are very suitable as a reward, for training or simply as a sign of love to your four-legged friend.